What is SodaGift?

How do I use SodaGift?

What is a Gift Card?

Can I make bulk orders?

How does the invite program work?

Payment & Refund

What are the payment methods?

How do I add or delete a payment card?

Why was my card declined?

Can I pay in a different currency other than USD?

Does SodaGift charge a foreign transaction fee?

Why did I get charged for a failed transaction?

What is the refund or exchange policy?

How long does refunds take?

What is the refund policy for an expired gift card?

How do I report scams and frauds?

Is there a limit on gift card purchases?


How can I create an account with SodaGift?

What should I do if I can't verify my mobile phone?

How can I update my password?

What do I do if I forgot my password?

How do I delete my account?


How do I use a coupon?

Are there any limits on the coupon?

What happens to my coupon that is associated with a cancelled gift?

Gift Cards

How is my gift card delivered?

How do I resend the gift?

What if I entered the wrong giftee information?

How does the giftee know the gift is from me?

Can I order multiple gift cards at once and send it to different giftees?

How do I know if the gift card has been redeemed?

Is there an expiration date for the gift?

How can I exchange Korean department store gift cards?

What is the “Let the giftee enter their mobile number” feature?

What should I do if I resend a text message (MMS) order but still not received?

Sending delivery gifts to Korea

How do I order flowers?

Do you provide same day flower delivery service?

How is my message delivered on the flower order?

I only know the delivery address in English.

What time are the flowers delivered?

How is Money flower delivered?

The flowers are different than what I ordered.

How do I order delivery goods?

Is it possible to cancel or change the information on the delivery order?

How and when is the South Korea gift delivered?

How do I know once the gift has been delivered?

What should I do if the product has an issue?

Sending delivery gifts to countries other than South Korea

How and when is the gift delivered?

Can I enter the delivery address in English?

Can I update my shipping information after I place my order?

Can I get a refund if the shipping information is incorrect?

How do I know the delivery status?

How Giftee can enter their own delivery address

What is ”Let the giftee enter their address” feature?

How does delivery proceed after the giftee enters the delivery address?

What happens if the giftee does not enter a delivery address within 3 days?

What should I do if the giftee entered the wrong address?

What is the difference between “Printable and included with the gift” and “Give it a personal touch”?

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