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치폴레 US$ 10 기프트카드 (감사선물)

기프트카드는 환불 및 교환이 불가합니다.

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또는 모바일에서 상단 '기프트카드 받기' 버튼을 누른 후 보이는 바코드를 바로 보여줘도 사용이 가능합니다.

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기프트카드는 환불 및 교환이 불가합니다.

Chipotle Gift Cards may only be used for making purchases at Chipotle restaurants. They cannot be redeemed for actual cash or applied as payment to any account unless required by law. They cannot be used to purchase other Chipotle Gift Cards, because that's like wishing for more wishes. Unauthorized resale is prohibited. If you purchase this card from a re-seller, you do so at your own risk, as cards sold by a re-seller may not have any value. Chipotle is not responsible for unauthorized use of this card. Except in certain circumstances, the value of your card will not be replaced if the card is lost, stolen or destroyed. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Chipotle Gift Cards can only be redeemed in the USA.