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DISTINTA PERLA Collection Toaster Oven Pink

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Oven & Toaster combines the authentic functionality of an oven with the convenience of a toaster

①Equipped with an M-shaped sheathed heater for even baking!
The M-shaped sheathed heater distributes heat throughout the oven to bake 4 slices of bread at the same time, evenly and crispily.
➁Oven & Toaster with 8.5L compact size and spacious interior
Despite its compact size of 8.5L, detailed temperature setting and control are possible. It is useful not only for toasting, but also for slow-cooking oven dishes and pastries.
➂3 simple operations
Simple dial-type controls make cooking easy. Three cooking functions (oven, grill, and keep warm), temperature settings up to 220°C, and a 45-minute timer allow you to enjoy a wide range of cooking. The inside of the oven can be kept at approximately 60-70°C, allowing food to be kept warm.

External dimensions (mm)
Width 435 mm × Depth 345 mm × Height 220 mm
Effective internal dimensions (mm)
Width 265 mm × Depth 245 mm × Height 115 mm
Between upper and lower heaters
Main unit weight (kg)
5.2kg (main unit only)
Inner capacity
Power cord length
Power consumption