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Combi Coffee Maker Black

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Espresso, cappuccino, and drip coffee in one machine.

■New steam nozzle makes it easy to make fine, rich, frothy milk.
Cappuccinos and café lattes taste much better when made from real milk. The new dual-structure steam nozzle makes it easier than ever to create fine, smooth foam milk.
The steam knob can also be easily switched on and off. For cleaning, simply remove the steam nozzle and wash with water.
■The 23.8 gold filter ensures that the original flavor of the coffee is extracted without losing it.
The gold filter by Elfo of Switzerland, which is used by professional coffee tasters, is used. The mesh part of the filter is double coated.
Compared to nylon, metal, paper filters, etc., the gold filter has almost no impurities unique to the filter part, so the original flavor of the coffee can be extracted straight from the filter. Also, since the oil content of the coffee is not filtered out, the aroma and flavor of the coffee can be extracted. Also, it is eco-friendly and economical because it does not require a paper filter.
■Delonghi's unique aroma extraction mechanism
The "Flavor Savor" system, patented in the U.S., brings out the aroma of the coffee. The unique filter basket shape allows for longer convection time during drip brewing, which in turn brings out the aroma and richness of the coffee.
■Simultaneous drip and espresso extraction
Drip coffee and espresso can be brewed at the same time. Milk frothing using the steam function can also be performed during drip brewing. This single machine can simultaneously meet various needs in the home.
Tamper: Integrated body, activated carbon filter, ESE holder for cafepods, holder for powder, filter for cafepods, 1-cup filter, 2-cup filter, measuring spoon, gold filter, activated carbon filter case, glass jug (for drip coffee)
■Size and weight
Main unit size (H x W x D) Approx. 320 x 370 x 295 mm
Main unit weight 5.0 kg