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Double the fun, double the joy! For the adoring new parents who are seeing double, this exciting and fun basket is the perfect fit!

Our designers put a lot of thought into designing a basket that was the perfect fit for a set of newborn twins- that way nobody feels left out!

This gift includes a mix of comfort wear and fun accessories that will create lasting memories for the newborn twins as they grow and develop together. Basket includes 2 of everything: adorable teddy twins for playtime; swaddling blankets; bath mitts and bath squirters for bath time; and of course, no baby basket will be complete without adorable onesies! Double the love and joy today!

2 Plush teddies
2 swaddling blankets
2 onesies (size varies from 3-6, 6-9 months)
2 Bath mitts
2 Bath squirters

*Substitutions - If an item is out of stock, Cornucopia will switch item for one of equal or greater value. Cornucopia may substitute items (such as chocolate), that may melt, ect., due to weather conditions