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What if my recipient did not receive the gift?

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You can resend the gift by the following steps.

Log in → My gifts → View gift details → Resend gift

App example

Web example

<Email> *Gifts to the US and Canada
You are CC’ed in the email that is sent to the recipient with the email titled ‘A Surprise from (sender’s name)’. You can forward the email to the recipient.

<Text Message> *Gifts to Korea
Recipient may not be able to receive the text for the following reasons:

1. Unstable connection
2. MMS block: Recipient can turn on MMS messaging on the phone
3. Spam filtering: Check the text message by installing the application operated by each mobile carrier. (SK - T스팸필터링/ KT - KT스팸차단/ LG - U+스팸차단)

Please check the above cases and contact us at then we can resend the gift.